Production body of Power Solutions company - is not just contemporary facilities and diligent staff. First of all, it's an innovative glance at any task. At the basics of our work we put combination of responsible approach and ingenuios thinking in resolving constructive and designer's assignments. Such mixture lets us to unleash the most ambitious projects based on our own production.

Longstanding use of metal, plastic, glass, MDF, chip board, fabric, film, composite materials allows us perform not just separate components of a project, but also bring about civil works in general - from erection of metal frame to installation of accessories. 

Solid vision of a project enables Power Solutions to find an optimal solution for a task. Proper design option which we can create paves the way to definitive pricing and guarantees correspondence to technical requirements and consturction norms and rules. 

We are ready to produce: 

  • сustomized fabricated metals and hardware, inlcuding heavy-loaded
  • standard serial objects of metal or reinforced plastic
  • articles of glass, plastic, MDF, including retail equipment
  • thermo-formed products and parts
  • frames, including wiry
  • non-standard items of small and medium architecural forms, including hanging

We are ready to perform: 

  • tiling work with the use of metal, plastic, composites
  • laydown of images
  • electrical work for lighting

Thanks to our own installation team, we execute turn-key projects.

Working with us, you choose responsible and professional partners, who are ready to work assignment throgh from conceptual solutions to putting into operation. Admission to uncommercial partnership lets us avoid additional complications. Power Solutions can provide development of working and executive documentation, including all necessary permissions and technical supervision on any type of work.

Innovative approach, large experience and ability to think differently has always been the core principles for our company, to guarantee the best balance for price, quality and time for our clients.