Decoration is intended to adjust the environment to the needs of people for their uppermost comfort. It is decor that makes interior appealing, functional and convenient, triggers emotions and delight. However, it's important not to forget about front face decoration in a building.

Complex and expensive reconfiguration can be replaced by proper zonation. Beside screens, creating of different levels and untypical constructions works very well, as well as arrangement of color zones, play of light and shadow, groupment of furniture and various decor oblects. Decoration can change the perception of space: broaden, alongate, split - modify it visually to the necessary extent and whatever effect you desire.

Decoration is not adding souvenirs and accessories to your room, as it's sometimes seen. It's plexus of science and art. Except rules of harmony and style, it's necessary to consider ergonomics, psychophysical and psychological factors. Not only the design is an important step, but also the choice of materials and means of decoration to realize the design. Comfort strongly depends on various properties of materials that surround us. 

Power Solutions company has it's own production facilities and human resources. We are ready to design, produce, deliver and assemble any exclusive products or decor objects, as well as we work with painting, bas-reliefs, sculpture and art pieces. Having our own production facilities for woodwork, fabricated metals, plastic moulding and our own art studios, we are ready to take a project of any complexity. 

We do:

  • design and production of wooden decor elements of any type
  • design and production of sculptural compositions and bas-reliefs
  • painting and frescoes
  • glass work, stained glass windows, panels
  • design and production of art-objects