Architecture and design

We dedicate ourselves to projects of high artistic level as well as aim at making our services affordable to clients.

Our goal is not only to create a project, but protect it's unique idea through inspired design solutions, which reflect both initial artistic values and core program criteria and fit into budget.

Unique aspect of our service is that we strictly control expences on design stage, so this helps our clients to make relevant decisions and properly evaluate construction offers. We take author supervision on every stage of every project, which guarantees the integrity and quality of realisation.

We provide a full range of architectural activity. We start with preliminary assessment of areas of design, legal documentation, sketch proposals, theme sketches and proceed directly to the process of design work at all stages, approval of the design. As well we do budget documentation, conduct field supervision, construct, develop and implement concepts of interior design, supply and deliver furniture, accessories and artwork.

One of the key activities of the company is the environmental design. Highly experienced and talented designers offer interesting and optimal solutions according to the requirements and wishes of the customer.

Our functional solutions:

  • Concept design, style solutions - accroding to the client's task
  • Environment design
  • Architectural solutions
  • Interior functional zoning and planning
  • Decoration
  • Development of individual elements within an object - entrance groups, acade lighting, the concept of advertising, navigation, small architectural forms
  • Landscape design
  • Design of structural elements
  • Technical and author supervision of realisation